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Cost and Time Saving

Creating payment schedules for attorneys. Comprehensive history of deductions...

Services We Offer

Cost and Time Saving for GAS:

- Writing or printing of cheque's as well as the cheque costs.
- Creating payment schedules for attorneys.
- Faxing or posting schedules and cheques to attorneys.
- Reconciling of discrepancies between attorneys and employer.
- Maintaining outstanding balances on Garnishee orders.
- Re-installing garnishee orders once payments have stopped.
- Notifying employee of garnishee order.
- Comprehensive history of deductions (query)
- Reconciling between wage and finance department.
- High level of security achieved at all levels.
- Powerful analysis and reporting
- Exporting of any data in any required format.

Fee Structure:

- CA, FP & MW - Per employee monthly
- CARE            - NCR fee Structure
- GAS              - GAS fee structure